The ‘Colour The Capital’ Project Concludes With Nine Murals In London For 2015

Well with its recent conclusion, we wanted to take the chance to look back at the ‘Colour The Capital’ project from the Forest Recycling Project, who set over some nine months to brighten up run down community spaces with a series of nine Street Art murals around East London. This is certainly an impressive feat, it not being an easy task to find so many large fresh spaces for these murals.

The Forest Recycling Project are a charity with environmental and social aims, staffed entirely by volnteers, who since 1989 have set to engage with organisations and communities around London through a range of practical initiatives to reduce, re-use and recycle waste in order to help people live sustainably.

This project has seen a range of artists add their touch to large walls around East London, in its wake leaving a series of impressive and striking murals that for the most part can still all be seen, with the works from the second mural in Pritchard’s Road sadly gone.


Work by Pixel Pancho in Dalston. 


This impressive work, very much reflecting Pixel Pancho’s Fine Art background, was painted predominantly by brush and took some two days to complete and used 50 litres of re-cycled paint in the process.


Vibrant work by Bailon, Sliks & Cranio in Pritchard’s Road, Hackney.


Full scale look at Slik’s contribution to the collaboration.


Full scale look at Bailon’s contribution to the collaboration.



Fun-fueled work from The Real Dill, SPZero76 & Captain Kris, Tony Boy all riding Squirl’s ‘Astro Fox’. above the work from Bailon, Sliks & Cranio.


Work from The Real Dill, SPZero76 & Captain Kris, Tony Boy all riding Squirl’s ‘Astro Fox’.


Work from Tony Boy, Squirl & The Real Dill, above work from Bailon, Sliks & Cranio.


Characters from The Real Dill, SPZero76 & Captain Kris all riding Squirl’s ‘Astro Fox’.


Work by Kaes & Core246, surrounded by work from Eoin. in Pritchard’s Road, Hackney.


Abstract colourful work by Hunto in Walthamstow, one which really brightens up the street it resides in.



Work by Seb Lester in Walthamstow, with a quote from Ewan MacColl’s ‘First Time I Ever  Saw Your Face.’


Work by Vova Zomb & Pez in Brick Lane. Depicting a nice combination of colouful illustration styles between the two artists, really brightening up the entrance to Star Yard.


Detail of work by Pez.


Detail of work by Pez.


Detail of work by Vova Zomb.


Detail of work by Vova Zomb.


Work by ATM in Walthamstow.


The piece depicts a larger than life Goshawk, which ATM spent some three days working on, painting by brush on the rather unforgiving pebbledash surface on which it resides. A lovely painterly depiction of a beautiful animal.


Work by Louis Masai in Walthamstow.


The mural features a trio of animals all under threat in the UK, be it through loss of habitat, hunting or sanctioned culls, all under the remit of the subject which Louis Masai continues to campaign for a better sense of awareness surrounding endangered species the world over. This delightful mural features a Fox, accompanied by the sign “For Fox Sake”, set alongside a Badger wearing a Ban The Bomb medallion accompanied by a sign proclaiming “No To The Cull” and additionally they are set below a pair of Bees hovering overhead, with one carrying a placard stating simply and powerfully “Save Us”. We very much admire Louis Masai’s works and all the more so for his tireless effort to raise awareness of the relentless infringement on the natural order by humans.



Work by Waleska Nomura in Shoreditch.


The piece depicting a large-scale heart filled with flowers is entitled aptly ‘Spreading The Love’ and that’s certainly what this bright and heart-warming piece offers, an overwhelming sense of positive energy, that really does bring a message of love and togetherness to Shoreditch.


Work by Zadok in Bethnal Green. 


Painted on the side wall of the Star Of Bethnal Green pub, and with the name of the pub in mind has created a piece depicting at it’s centre a star which is surrounded by a classical and traditional nautical frame, depicted in a fantastic realistic style, something very typical of Zadok’s works, which very much come to life in their own subtle way. 


For more information and images of some of the individual works, you can view some of our previous posts, with the first work being created in Dalston by Pixel Pancho (covered here), the second pair of works In Bethnal Green with a collaboration by SPZero76, Captain Kris, Squirl, Tony Boy & The Real Dill (covered here) alongside a mural by Brazilian trio Bailon, Sliks & Cranio. The third wall created by Hunto in Walthamstow (covered here) and the sixth wall created by ATM (covered here), the seventh wall created by Louis Masai in Walthamstow (covered here), and the eighth wall created by Waleska Nomura in Shoreditch (covered here). and finally the wall created by Zadok in Bethnal Green (covered here).

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