‘Behind The Curtain’ 2015: And The Winner Is……

Well last night the votes from the panel of three judges were collated and the winners announced to eager anticipation, concluding the month of superb works that comprised ‘Behind The Curtain’ 2015. Over the course of the competition, we have seen works from sixteen artists, who have over the period of four weeks competed to win the £1000 cash prize and opportunity to paint the entire wall themselves. Each contending artist had one week to showcase their art on one of Shoreditch’s most prominent locations, with the winning spot being a tie between Perspicere from Week 2 and Luis Gomez from Week 3, both impressive pieces.

Our favourite works from the competition were from both of the collaborative pieces, with ‘Capitalism Is Rad™’ by Nick Flatt & Seeds One being the stand out work for us here at London Calling Blog and ‘Tory Zombie Apocalypse’ by Nomad Clan duo Aylo & CBloxx being our runner-up choice.


Superb work by Luis Gomez, the work in it’s more classical painterly style is beautiful and absorbing. The overall tone of the piece is somewhat dramatic, with a strong sense of movement about the work, that forces your focus to gaze around the piece, with no real central focus point.


Great work from Perspicere, who most interestingly practices Street Art without the use of paint, but with the construction of intricate and elaborate string based designs, really offering something impressive and fundamentally different from what you usually see around the East End in terms of Street Art. It certainly was a treat to see Perspicere build up this work over the course of two days.


Week 1 of ‘Behind The Curtain’, with works from Otto Schade, Zabou, Himbad & Ant Carver.


Week 2 of ‘Behind The Curtain’, with works from Gee, Perspicere, Amara Por Dios & Pang.


Week 3 of ‘Behind The Curtain’, with works from Gnasher, Luis Gomez, Hmmm Bates & Candy Lo.


Week 4 of ‘Behind The Curtain’, with works from Nomad Clan, Tizer, Furia & Nick Flatt/Seeds One


Work by Otto Schade.


Work by Zabou.


Work by Himbad.


Work by Ant Carver.


Work by Gee.


Work by Perspicere.


Work by Amara Por Dios.


Work by Pang.


Work by Gnasher.


Work by Luis Gomez.


Work by Hmmm Bates.


Work by Candy Lo.


Work by Nomad Clan duo, Aylo & Cbloxx.


Work by Tizer.


Work by Furia.


Work by Nick Flatt & Seeds One.

You can view our posts for more information and detailed pictures of each week below:

Week 1 (covered here)

Week 2 (covered here)

Week 3 (covered here)

Week 4 (covered here)

2 comments on “‘Behind The Curtain’ 2015: And The Winner Is……

  1. I am really impressed with the winners! Whilst most of the works were good, these 2 were very different and very captivating. Meditative even. And, it was exciting to see so many good artworks in the open air. I am very new to streetart and one of the reasons I am so excited by it is the fact that it is free and I believe anti discriminatory. Competitions in my view are not really contributing to what I believe is the sprit of street art, and it will be a real shame if they will discourage in any way anyone who want to do it. Lets hope they will not contribute to commercialism and institutionalisation of this art form.

    • Hello Ravi, firstly thank you for taking the time to respond to the post. Secondly these were indeed two great pieces, not our choices for the win, but fair contenders for sure. We agree that the anti-discriminatory and public element of Street Art was the main reasoning with us falling in love with the scene and in time starting this blog.

      As for the competitions you are very much right, such things do detract from the fundamental purpose of Street Art. That said a little bit of healthy competition isn;t always a bad thing, as in the case of the competition which for the most part saw the contending artists really up their game for the occasion. As for your final comment we very much agree with you there.

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