New Pang & Christiaan Nagel Collaboration ‘The Death Of Ego’ In Brick Lane

Last week in Hanbury Street at the heart of Brick Lane on the huge feature wall a spectacular piece of art unfolded over a five day period from Thursday to Monday, created by Pang and Christiaan Nagel. This piece marks only the second large scale mural to adorn this huge wall, one of the biggest in the Shoreditch/Brick Lane area, with the previous piece being a stunning collaboration between Brazilian duo Baillon and Sliks and London based Street Artist Jimmy C. So it was quite an intimidating task for the artists to replace such a piece, and we have to say this duo really stepped up to the occasion and did a truely fantastic job, defined by how fundamentally different the work is, presenting completely contrasting styles and mediums to the previous work.

This wall was put together as part of the PINCHED and Matched project, which is an extension of the PINCH project which collected the mugshots of some 50 Street Artist from all around the globe in front of their work. This project was about challenging ideas of Street Art as a crime in a tongue-in-cheek manner and focusing on the artists themselves. PINCHed and Matched evolved from the premise that the PINCH project collected images of artists from such diverse styles, disciplines, origins and stages of their career, and that it would be of immense interest to see these artists paired off and work on collaborative pieces together. Initially the PINCH team planned to allow the artists from the project to choose their partners, but then it was decided to match the artists themselves, setting the way for spontaneous works to evolve, adding that unknown surprise element to the works as they occur. Of course these proposed collaborations are not set in stone, artists will be free to change working partners as the project evolves and indeed for the inaugural wall from the project Pang took the opportunity to propose working with Christiaan Nagel, an artist she had not previously met, yet admired his work, and it was from such roots that such a unique work was born. This is the first work in a project that will continue, with new collaborations coming every six or so weeks for the foreseeable future.

The work entitled ‘The Death Of Ego’ is interesting for several reasons, firstly the exceptional range of styles and mediums represented, secondly the subject matter and thirdly how both of the artists have blended yet maintained their own distinct approaches to Street Art. The work was born from a shared interest in Psychology, with the four islands representing the Id, Ego, the Super Ego and Consciousness, whilst also having a deep connection to concepts of identity, a fundamental element behind the PINCH project.

This 3D piece represents the absolute pinnacle of mixed-media expression on the street, all the more impressive to see perpetrated on such a vast scale. This work incorporates such diverse techniques and mediums as spray paint and brush work, foam, stencils, real balloons, a wooden ladder affixed to the wall, a paste-up, real tree branches and typography, offering a nod to the Graffiti roots of Street Art, all to create the magnificent whole. This work is incredible, it really does leave you thinking and not really knowing where to focus your gaze, it’s as intricate as it first appears surreal, nothing less than we would expect from Pang whose art we have long admired, however it was a real treat to witness such new dimensions to Christiaan Nagel’s works as it is only his mushroom sculputures with which we were previously acquainted with.


Christiaan Nagel prepping the wall on Day 1 of the mammoth task.


Pang starting out her work on Day 1.


Pang working on her first character on Day 1.


Pang at work on Day 3.


Pang at work on Day 3.


Christiaan Nagel preparing his trademark mushrooms for installation on the wall on Day 4.P1010463

Christiaan Nagel & Pang at work on Day 4.


Pang at work on Day 4.


Pang at work on Day 4.


Christiaan Nagel’s foam mushrooms up close.


Christiaan Nagel starting the tough task of affixing his foam mushrooms to the wall on Day 4.


Christiaan Nagel at work on Day 5.


Christiaan Nagel at work on Day 5.


Christiaan Nagel and Pang at work adding the finishing touches on Day 5.


The incredible finished work.



The addition of real tree branches really add a sense of depth to this work.



The ladder and tongue portray a sense of how all the elements, represented by each respective island are interrelated.


This first island represents the Id.






This island represents ideas related to the ego. and comprises paint, a paste-up and foam.


Paste-up work from Pang.


Foam tongue from Christian Nagel, leading to the island of chaos.


The island representing the super ego and dubbed by Pang as ‘Chaos Island’.


The mushrooms that can be seen in the text are stencil works from Christiaan Nagel.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island, we absolutely love how Pang incorporated the preexisting Gregos faces adorning this wall so well into her work, with such meaning towards the idea of the masks we wear.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island.


Detail of Pang’s characters on the third island.


A view from below of Christiaan Nagel’s mushroom sculptures adorning the distant utopian island.




We would like to say thanks to Pang, Christiaan Nagel and the PINCH team for taking the time to explain the concept behind this fantastic piece and the project as a whole. Head over to for more info on the background to this project.

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