Week 3 Of The ‘Behind The Curtain’ Street Art Competition On The Shoreditch Art Wall

Over the last seven days Shoreditch was witness to week three of the ‘Behind The Curtain’ Street Art competition. The competition, which by the end, will have seen works from some sixteen artists, who will have over the period of four weeks competed to win the £1000 cash prize. Each contending artist will of had one week to showcase their art on one of Shoreditch’s most prominent Street Art locations, namely the Shoreditch Art Wall, situated along Great Eastern Street. The winner will be chosen by a panel of three judges, all very much rooted in the Street Art world and authorities on the subject.

Weeks One and Two of the competition set a high precedent, so it was fantastic to see that the third bout of artists maintained the levels of quality art to such a fine degree. There were again a broad range of styles on display for this week, and yet again we are struggling to decide our favourite, with it being a tough decision this week between the pieces from Gnasher & Luis Gomez. We will be sharing the continuing developments of this project with you, and there are more brilliant artists to follow over the final week, so in the meantime enjoy the lovely works that marked the third and penultimate stage of ‘Behind The Curtain’. Paint for this week was provided kindly by Peter The Pleater.


Gnasher at work early on in his piece last Sunday.


Superb work from Gnasher, with a very well thought out piece featuring a seascape scene incorporating many elements, including: a Great White Shark, a deep sea diver posing for the camera, a sea mine, a dead Clown Fish, a stray floating six-pack holder, a sea-turtle and finally a message of “HELP” in a bottle. The scene is punctuated by the fact that it is as if set in an aquarium, with the viewing glass cracking and the contents spilling out into the street, really making for the strong 3D aspect created and all because someone failed to take heed of Gnasher’s warning to “Please Don’t Tap The Glass”. An excellent piece and certainly one of the very best so far, a strong contender for the first prize in out book. 



Detail of work by Gnasher.


Detail of work by Gnasher.


Detail of work by Gnasher.


Detail of work by Gnasher.


Superb work by Luis Gomez, with one of the strongest pieces of the competition so far and again a fair contender for the first prize so far. The work in it’s more classical painterly style is beautiful and absorbing. The overall tone of the piece is somewhat dramatic, with a strong sense of movement about the work, that forces your focus to gaze around the piece, with no real central focus point.



Detail of work by Luis Gomez.


Detail of work by Luis Gomez.


Detail of work by Luis Gomez.


Rather cheeky work from HMMM Bates featuring an impressive cartoon style self-portrait in a rather provocative pose accompanied with the text “Fake A Pic Being Fingered By “HMMM Bates”.” Unfortunately we never managed to get someone to strike an appropriate pose to complete the performance art element of this work, however it is always great to see Street Art that offers an interactive aspect to its audience and we don’t doubt some brave souls utilized such an opportunity.



Really touching and soulful work from Candy Lo, celebrating the birth of her newborn child and the protective family unit. The surrounding bear and flowers are lovely and offer a strong and watchful, yet nurturing ambiance about the work, but it really is the facial expressions on mother and child that grab you.



Detail of work by Candy Lo.



The completed four panels from Week 3 of the ‘Behind The Curtain’ Street Art Competition.

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