Week 1 Of The ‘Behind The Curtain’ Street Art Competition On The Shoreditch Art Wall

Over the last week the ‘Behind The Curtain’ Street Art competition commenced, with sixteen artists, who will over the period of four weeks be competing to win the £1000 cash prize. On Monday the first of the works went up with each contending artist getting one week to showcase their art on one of Shoreditch’s most prominent Street Art locations, namely the Shoreditch Art Wall, situated along Great Eastern Street. The winner will be chosen by a panel of three judges, all very much rooted in the Street Art world and authorities on the subject.

This delightful competition is set to bring some incredible talent from all around the UK and abroad, and has been set up in response to the fact that sadly the building on which the Shoreditch Art Wall is located on is scheduled for demolition in the not to distant future in the further gentrification of the area as the City of London expands further out East. So with this in mind the competition organised by fellow Street Artist Jarvis is set to send the wall off in style with a final showcasing of some of the best Street Artists around.

What a start this competition has had this week with four superb pieces already placed up, and already leaving us here struggling to pick our favourite. The current selection offers a diverse range of styles and is certainly a sight to behold, with works from Otto Schade, Zabou, Himbad and Ant Carver kicking off the proceedings. At this stage we can’t wait to see what other gems we are treated to gaze upon over the coming weeks and we will be sharing the continuing developments of this project with you, so in the meantime enjoy the lovely works that marked the first stage of ‘Behind The Curtain’. Paint for this week was provided kindly by Peter The Pleater.


Zabou at work on her panel last week.


Himbad at work on his panel last week.


Zabou & Himbad at work on their respective panels last week.


Work by Otto Schade ‘To Be Or Not To Be’, in his distinctive and trademark intricate ‘ribbon’ styling. This was the first piece completed for the competition and really set the tone for the quality of art that will need to be produced in order to take the cash prize. 



Detail of Work by Otto Schade.


Work by Zabou ‘Surprise’, as usual displaying Zabou’s talent for creating works that superbly suit the immediate environment. We love the addition of the curtains in this piece which really does look set to strike passers-by.



Detail of work by Zabou.


Work by Himbad, featuring one of his trademark cat characters, on this occasion depicting a rather warming figure set amid an interesting and serene backdrop created through the many interesting methods with which Himbad skillfully crafts his works, we really love the drip effect Himbad has generated here and as always with the cat character the full effect is in the large and absorbing eyes. 



Detail of work by Himbad.


Work by Ant Carver, offering a beautiful realistic portrait of a woman set amid a beautiful and seemingly chaotic colour scheme, always a pleasure to see work from this artist and all the more so on this scale. 



Detail of work by Ant Carver.


The completed four panels from Week 1 of the ‘Behind The Curtain’ Street Art Competition.


5 comments on “Week 1 Of The ‘Behind The Curtain’ Street Art Competition On The Shoreditch Art Wall

  1. My only worry is trying not to get run over as I stand in the middle of that busy road to capture all the artwork…. I think it’s time to make my will!!!!

    • That is so true and we are certain we are not the only ones who feel this way. The best way to combat this is to work in pairs, with one person keeping lookout so you don’t do the inevitable and look around as taking shot, even when have time, resulting in blurred or wonky images.

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