New Amara Por Dios UV Work In Shoreditch

Last week over the course of two days, in near constant torrential rainfall, the latest of the UV lighted works to recently of hit London was created on the Shoreditch Art Wall by Amara Por Dios. Painted in UV paint making for a piece that was designed to be visible 24-hours a day through the application of Ultra-Violet lighting at sunset to keep the work observable all night.

We generally make a point of not covering Street Art created purely for advertising, not that we feel there is anything wrong with this, it’s only right and fair that these talented artists who decorate our streets profit from their hard work and talents, but it just isn’t something we really cover. This work was organized in association with Global Street Art and commissioned by Sony and is the fourth in a series of five murals that will be created one at a time over the coming seven weeks around different locations in London, all painted with Ultra Violet paint to be visible all night and are a part of the ‘I Can See In The Dark’ promotion.

For the work Amara has painted an impressive dominating pair of fiery eyes protruding from the intricate tribal scales which is a fundamental aspect in much of Amara Por Dios’s works. As is the case with each of these UV pieces, it is impressive by the day, but really takes on a life of its own at night, with the huge bright eyes watching all the people who pass by as if the work is waiting to pounce out of the wall and catch its victims.














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