New Oliver Switch UV Work In Camden Town

Last Wednesday & Thursday in Camden Town, just along the High Street, Oliver Switch completed his new mural, painted in UV paint making for a piece that was designed to be visible 24-hours a day through the application of Ultra-Violet lighting at sunset to keep the work observable all night.

We generally make a point of not covering Street Art created purely for advertising, not that we feel there is anything wrong with this, it’s only right and fair that these talented artists who decorate our streets profit from their hard work and talents, but it just isn’t something we really cover. This work was organized in association with Global Street Art and commissioned by Sony and is the third in a series of five murals that will be created one at a time over the coming seven weeks around different locations in London, all painted with Ultra Violet paint to be visible all night and are a part of the ‘I Can See In The Dark’ promotion.

The work features two owls, an adult and an owlet, set in front of a tranquil woodland scene and flanked on each side by some colourful lettering that add some bright contrast to the piece. The tone of the work is lovely, as is the realistic depictions presented. The choice of owls as the subject suit very well with the concept of the advertising campaign, featuring nocturnal animals with excellent night vision. This larger than life duo really catch your eye as you stroll along Camden High Street, especially with the eyes, you just have to stare into them, but as night takes hold this work just beams from the wall.


Oliver Switch starting out the mural on Wednesday afternoon.P1280258



The finished work as visible during the day.










The work as visible at night, really taking on a life of its own under the UV lights.









One comment on “New Oliver Switch UV Work In Camden Town

  1. I had no idea this was done with UV paint – the earliest photo I’ve got of it they’ve removed the lights, and someone’s painted over the Sony logo

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