‘IT BEGAN ON THE WALLS’ Banksy Exhibition In Croydon

On Thursday evening we were fortunate enough to attend the opening night of the exhibition ‘IT BEGAN ON THE WALLS’ a retrospective of Banksy’s career, showcasing a collection of predominantly rare prints and several canvas works.


In the Street Art world and popular culture as a whole Banksy is someone who needs no introduction, an artist, whose identity remains unknown, and whose works and status many adore and many loathe, either way you cut it no other Street Artist has been responsible for the rising popularity of Street Art in the last fifteen or so years. His distinctive stencil works focus on dark humour and satirical representations of social and political themes and in the process he has placed his works all over the world now, with several of his public works having now become commodities, resulting with the adorning walls being removed from buildings and sold for £1 million+ prices. Banksy’s art is now very much big-business.


The exhibition features some twenty-four works from the artist and offers some rare editions and even one-off editions of works. Some of his most iconic works such as ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Bomb Hugger’ and ‘Choose Your Weapon’ are represented and plenty more to be enjoyed. As the focus of the exhibition being a retrospective show it offered a good number of pieces to gaze upon all in one space and also offering some interesting insight into the developing intricacy and layering of Banksy’s stencil works through his career as well as many dry humorous and thought-provoking pieces.


‘Donut Police’ – Print



‘Turf Wars’ – 2003 – Print


‘I Fought The Law’ – 2004 – Print


‘Rude Copper’ – 2002  – Print – This was Banksy’s first official release.



‘No Ball Games’ – 2009 – Print


Banksy printed £1 million worth of notes, which see the Queen’s portrait replace with that of Princess Diana’s and then proceeded to release them to crowds at the Notting Hill Carnival and Reading Festival in 2004. 


‘Choose Your Weapon’  – Print


This piece can still be seen on the streets of London, in The Grange, Camberwell.


‘Mosquito’ – 2003 – Canvas.


‘Bomb Hugger’ – canvas – This is a one off original.


Gentleman Rat – Canvas.


‘Pulp Fiction’ – 2004 – Print


‘HMV’ – 2003 – Print


‘Grannies’ – 2006 –  – Print – This was the only Banksy print released with a hand-torn deckled edge. 


‘Very Little Helps’ – 2008 – Print


‘Grin Reaper’ – 2005  – Print – The only print where every number was signed.



‘Bomb Hugger (Bomb Love)’ – 2003 – Print


‘Love Rat’ – 2004 – Print – This was the first of Banksy’s most iconic theme, the rat, to make into print form.


‘CND Soldiers’ – 2005 – Print

6 comments on “‘IT BEGAN ON THE WALLS’ Banksy Exhibition In Croydon

  1. I went along on the 13th August and the place was closed!!! Not sure why.. I sent the gallery an email asking why and have had no reply!!! Very odd I must say

    • That is bizarre to say the least, they are normally open on Thursdays. Sorry to hear you travelled up to not get in. It is worth the effort if you do get the chance to head by again. We can let you know where to see all if Croydon’s Street Art so a second journey won’t be potentially entirely wasted again.

      • I did see some of the street art around the Arts Quarter but it was raining and my daughter was getting very fed up so I cut it short…. Would like to go back thou!!!! Still no reply from my email to them about being closed…Many thanks for your comment thou… Cheers

  2. Reading that only one of Banksy’s rats survived shocked me. where have all the others gone? Desintegrated into the bricks?

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