New Zina UV Work In Shoreditch

Over the course of Monday and Tuesday Norwegian born, but London based, Street Artist Zina was hard at work on her newest creation, a large-scale work which is certainly the largest sized piece we have thus far seen from Zina, which on this occasion came with an added twist, in that this piece was designed to be visible 24-hours a day through the application of Ultra-Violet lighting at sunset to keep the work observable all night. Zina was helped by her friend and fellow Street Artist Amara Por Dios throughout the course of the work.

We generally make a point of not covering Street Art created purely for advertising, not that we feel there is anything wrong with this, it’s only right and fair that these talented artists who decorate our streets profit from their hard work and talents, but it just isn’t something we really cover. This work was organized in association with Global Street Art and commissioned by Sony and is the second in a series of five murals that will be created one at a time over the coming seven weeks around different locations in London, all painted with Ultra Violet paint to be visible all night and are a part of the ‘I Can See In The Dark’ promotion.

The work is incredible by day, pure Zina, but it really comes to life and adds a new perspective on her style when viewed at night, we assure you the pictures we have here don’t do the sight justice. The work features Zina’s distinct and trademark blue-scale portraiture as the centrepiece, surrounded by and blended into a organic and celestial theme that is a recurring theme in Zina’s work. The centrepiece portrait in this work is depicted as the centre of the universe being surrounded by a planetary ring system with the subject wearing a crown of pink clouds blending in to the star-studded cosmic skyline, with the work punctuated by the organic and vibrant flowers that really tie together the piece.


Work-in-progress early on in the process Monday afternoon.


Zina up on the scaffolding at work on Monday.


The finished work as visible during the day.





The work as visible at night, really taking on a life of its own under the UV lights.







As always with Zina’s work she has yet again hit out that soulful look she really gets into the eyes of her portraits.



A little neon spillage glowing at night.


Zina standing jubilantly in front of her superb neon creation.

The work will be visible day and night until the 6th August, so be sure to head along, day or night, to gaze upon this stunning piece of Street Art, it really is worth the effort to see this work at night, it really is so absorbing.


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