New Dan Kitchener UV Work In Clerkenwell

Last week over a three day period Street Artist Dan Kitchener was at work on an incredible large-scale piece in his distinct ‘Liquid Lights’ series, which on this occasion came with an added twist, in that this piece was designed to be visible 24-hours a day through the application of Ultra-Violet lighting at sunset to keep the work observable all night.  Dan Kitchener made a superb choice for such a project as his work is notable for his depictions of night scenes as a recurring subject matter.

We generally make a point of not covering Street Art created purely for advertising, not that we feel there is anything wrong with this, it’s only right and fair that these talented artists who decorate our streets profit from their hard work and talents, but it just isn’t something we really cover. This work was organized in association with Global Street Art and commissioned by Sony, who are promoting their new phone and is the first in a series of five murals that will be created one at a time over the coming seven weeks around different locations in London, all painted with Ultra Violet paint to be visible all night and are a part of the ‘I Can See In The Dark’ promotion.

An exception for this piece has been made for a couple of reasons, firstly it is an impressive work, that is in subject no different to Dank’s usual ‘Liquid Lights’ works and secondly that it is a superb piece that demonstrates that their are always going to be new twists to the works you see. That is not to say this is the first time such techniques have been employed with Street Art, however it is the first time we have had the chance here to be able to see one up close and personal on London’s streets and the results are just awesome. The work is incredible by day, pure Dan Kitchener, but it really comes to life and adds a new perspective on Dank’s style when viewed at night, we assure you the pictures we have here don’t do the sight justice.









The already impressive work really takes on a life of his own as the sun goes down.








The work is to be found at the Hat & Feathers Pub at 2 Clerkenwell Road and is best viewed at around 10pm, though the lights come on at 9pm and will be viewable at night until July 22nd, so be sure to head along if you can to enjoy a magnificent sight to behold. This is one of the most impressively presented concepts and works we have seen from a superb artist.

4 comments on “New Dan Kitchener UV Work In Clerkenwell

    • Oh yes, this piece blows the hide drinks ad out one water, unsurprisingly. We adore this work as well as the black and white work created for Meeting of Styles the other weekend. Dank is one of our absolute favourite artists and it has been a treat to see 2 new pieces from him offering new approaches and schemes.

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