A Visit To Artista’s A Flying Studio

Yesterday we here at London Calling Blog were fortunate enough to attend Day One of Artista’s Open A Flying Studio day. It was a pleasure to get to see where an artist whose work we are purely familiar with witnessing in the public sphere of the streets, develops and takes on the life which it displays elsewhere. There was a broad range of mediums and styles on display to see, offering a snapshot in to the range of styles which Artista works with other than just painting walls and also afforded us the chance to gain some insight into some of the wonderful individual works on display, offering depth to the characters with which she works and brings to life in a story of their own in every work.



Some corkboard creations from Artista.


Extending her hand to fashion design.


We loved the use of polythene stretched out for a makeshift canvas and maximizing the dead-space in the studio to work from.




A very cool Flying Toast table.


Adding her own touch to shopping bags, a bag for life and Toast for life.


A second shopping bag work, this one with the emphasis on ‘staying cool’ and how all the penguins may be the same, but the Flying Toast has its own unique identity.



‘Strawberry Fields Forever’,  a rather delightful work inspired by The Beatles classic 1967 psychedelic release, 


‘Family Tree’, a superb trio of works.


‘Tree Stump’,  Toast set to Artista’s jungle-themed backdrop. 


‘Coolio Toast’.


This was the largest and certainly standout piece on display in her studio, not because of the scale, but because of the detail in the piece. The work depicts a godly female character who despite her at first calm demeanour is actually quite evil rather casually holding her victim Toast in her hand and causing havoc around her, illustrated by the Pyramid character that is running away.  



‘Toast Burger’.



Toast set to a dreamlike cloud-scape setting.


‘Toasted King Burger’, the title says it all.


‘Up, Up & Away’. Flying Toast with an extra kick.


‘Smudge Toast’. This was our favourite purely Toast themed piece work 


One of our favourite works on display in the studio, a piece that was part of a series inspired by the seven deadly sins. In this case the sin depicted is Envy, illustrated by Artista’s Pyramid characters being envious of the success of Artista’s Toast character and therefore punishing them accordingly. 


A second piece that was part of a series inspired by the seven deadly sins. In this case the sin depicted is Sloth and is illustrated through reference to the iconic Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  


A third piece that was part of a series inspired by the seven deadly sins. In this case the sin depicted is Gluttony, with Toast being the object of the Pyramid’s desire. 


‘Pop Print’, a Pop Art themed work.


‘Shades Of Toast’.


‘Pink Toast’.


‘Lined Toast’, presenting a more deconstructed approach to her subject.


‘Orange Toast’, inspired by one of Artista’s favourite Miami based artists Atomiko.


‘Miami Style’.




You really get the sense that you are being watched whilst in Artista’s studio, maybe it is the nifty table or clock that do it.


In honour of the rainfall in London yesterday, Artista stated that any visitors could get the umbrella’s decorated with the trademark Eye.


Artista’s follow-up open A Flying Studio day will be this Wednesday from 10am-9pm and we strongly advise you head along if you get the chance in order to gain some insight into varying mediums at which this particular artist is at work with and if nothing else to be presented by an impromptu gallery exhibition in its own right, with many canvas works amongst others to be observed.

Day two of the A Flying Studio can be found at Fox Court, Grays Inn Road, a mere one minute walk from Chancery Lane Underground Station.

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