Artista’s Flying Toast Rampage Continues Around London

On Saturday around East and North London the second phase of Artista’s Flying Toast campaign continued, following her expedition around Shoreditch placing up four works last Saturday (covered here), with again four works being laid out around firstly Bethnal Green with support from The Hidden Streets Of London and secondly in Camden Town with support from The Real Art Of Street Art. It’s superb to see so much Flying Toast hit London in a wave and a pleasure to go catch them all.


First work of the day in Bethnal Green, aptly coloured for the area.



Second work of the day also in Bethnal Green, set in a much more tranquil setting.



Away from the East End, with plenty of daylight left and upto Camden Town to lay out this, the first of two Flying Toast works placed up in Camden Town on Saturday.



Fourth and final piece of the day, also laid out in Camden Town, smaller on scale but not in content. 


Another great days work from Artista, bringing her total of fresh Flying Toast works in London upto nine from the last two weeks.

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