Artista’s Flying Toast Takeover Shoreditch

On Saturday Artista was in Shoreditch bright and early for Captain Kris’s Birthday Paint Jam and having completed her work there set off around Shoreditch laying out a total of four of her trademark Flying Toast characters in a whirlwind of activity throughout the day. To walk around Shoreditch it was as if you could follow a trail of Artista’s days journey, with a seemingly relentless trail of Toast just about everywhere it seemed.


Flying Toast number 1 in Willow Street, laid out for Captain Kris’s Birthday Paint Jam. The weathermen were calling for a rainy day, hence the cloud scheme.


Flying Toast number 2, decided to head to Sclater Street and managed to put up this piece en route behind the Old Blue Last just across the road from her first work of the day. 


And a Flying Toast is born, Flying Toast number 3 beginning life.


Artista at work on Sclater Street on her third Flying Toast of the day so far.


Flying Toast number 3, this time taking on a monochrome styling.



Flying Toast number 4, and the final wor of the day, laid out in the Nomadic Community Gardens, Fleet Street Hill, along the train lines behind Brick Lane.



In a prelude to this weekends activities Artista had laid out a Flying Toast work the previous weekend in Star Yard, making for a total of 5 of these delightful Flying Toast pieces in the area at current. 

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