The Spring Projects Launches The ‘Big Dream’ Campaign

Spring Projects

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On March 21st, following the success of the “Next Big Thing” project, The Spring Projects launched its second campaign “Big Dream”. The competition is open to both men and women, adopting a different take on the concept of ‘street art’ and sets to find creatives who want to make a difference to the streets of a town anywhere in the World, their choice, “the only catch is that it needs to take place in a public space with traffic and people and it needs to bring dreams, hope and smiles in an area.” (quote from

Three inspiring ideas will be chosen by a jury beginning May and then followers of The Spring Projects will decide in May which one of those three they want to see realized. The winner will receive a #BIGDREAM ticket anywhere in the World, with the winning project being documented and recorded to share with everyone.

Commenting on the launch of #BIGDREAM, the Dutch Founder of the Spring Projects Bri Patty spoke about what it is about street related projects that she loves. “We believe in the beauty of an act of kindness/generosity as a start to change the world in our own little way. We do it via the streets, we do it to raise a smile and to inspire others to do the same. How many people can we make happy tomorrow if we make generosity part of our daily lives today.” (quote from

We thought we would use this chance to demonstrate again the incredible work The Spring Projects does, by showing you the five walls, painted in five days in London, by Argentinian Street Artist Fio Silva, who came to Europe as a part of the inaugural “Next Big Thing” campaign.


Croydon’s Arts Quarter.


Turnpike Lane, with work by ATM.


Femme Fierce Reloaded, Shoreditch Art Wall.


Femme Fierce Reloaded, Leake Street.


Monty’s Bar, Brick Lane.

Having witnessed first hand the work of The Spring Projects, in bringing Fio Silva on a painting tour of Europe, we have to say we love the work they are doing and wish them all the best in their endeavours, in realising peoples dreams and bringing incredible unknown talents to the world stage. So if you yourself wish to participate or know anyone who may want to make their Big Dreams come true, be sure to head over to for more info. #BIGDREAM

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