Artista At Femme Fierce Reloaded

Next up in our Femme Fierce Reloaded feature series we have this delightful and vibrant piece from the equally delightful Artista. We first met Artista, though more than familiar with her works around London, at Femme Fierce Croydon a few weeks back, at which she was exceptionally kind in chatting with us here and there, letting us interrupt her to ask about the work. It was a pleasure to meet her for a second time this weekend. Though less elaborate in features than her Femme Fierce Croydon work, this one has a more touching and peaceful feel about it, and takes a step on from the previous piece, in which her character was trapped in a bottle, to now being trapped in a paint can. Artista was kind enough to explain the idea behind her Femme Fierce piece, and it is brilliant. This was the first time Artista had painted her pyramid character in a spray can, with the concept of the piece being that he/she is waiting to be born. By being sprayed out of the can, he will begin life creating another character in the process. This is how Artista envisions her characters coming to life. A great piece with a great story, a highlight of the day. Also like the touch of the heart on the spray can, symbolic of the love Artista puts into her work. Thanks for the interesting insight and thanks so much for your time at both the Femme Fierce events from us at London Calling.












Love the self decorated Toast jacket!



The finished piece.



2 comments on “Artista At Femme Fierce Reloaded

  1. One of my personal favourites of the event – I loved seeing the progress shots throughout the day – and to see another piece where Artista is continuing her “jungle” theme for her character. The more you find out about the concept behind her work, the more you appreciate her talent! Thanks for sharing!

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