Artista At Femme Fierce Croydon 2015

Seeing as we enjoyed Femme Fierce Croydon so much and were absolutely blown away watching the artists build up their pieces throughout the day, we are gonna share over the coming days some feature posts on the individual artists we enjoyed most. Providing a snapshot into the hard work that went in to these pieces. First up we are going with Artista, this is for several reasons. Firstly Artista is a locally based artist with one of her studios in Croydon. Secondly Artista was an absolute delight to meet, extremely sociable and friendly towards the countless people interrupting her work and really helped to make for an amazing day. Thirdly and foremostly, just because her work was superb, it was great to see some of her trademark characters being built up. So enjoy the pictures demonstrating some of the process involved in Artista creating her contribution to Femme Fierce Croydon 2015.













It was great to get back yesterday morning to see the addition of the tear drop. Artista told us before we left on Sunday evening that she was gonna add that feature to the piece at the very end, as she didn’t want it to upset the beautiful tone of the festival and make anyone sad. Great addition.

You can also see Artista’s previous contribution to Croydon’s Arts Quarter in my post on Croydon Street Art (covered here).

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